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At College Pro, our Student Painters are well experienced with all areas of the home, and an area that comes up a lot is the foundation. Many homes have masonry around them and, over time, you may notice cracks or discoloration.  Some DIY tips from College Pro -  Your Foundationhomeowners also choose not to paint their foundation or have heard that it is not good for the cement. Here at College Pro Painters, we have been doing it for years and, in our expert opinion, painting your foundation will better protect it and allow your home ultimately to look more finished. There are, however, a few things our Student Painters have learned over the years in regards to foundation painting and hopefully these tips will help you moving forward.

If you notice any minor cracks, you will want to patch them up before painting. This doesn’t call for any major masonry work, so put down the phone and don’t call your local cement guy! Walk into any hardware store in your area and explain to the worker what you need. There are various brands, but it is basically a simple grey compound that you mix with a putty knife and spread over the cracked area. You’ll want to avoid doing this patch work in hot heat. After that’s done, our Student Painters here at College Pro recommend you prime the entire surface. You can buy a paint with a primer built in, which will save you time; however, it won’t have the same long lasting effects as priming the surface first and then putting 2 coats of paint. This is up to you, depending on time and budget, but we suggest doing it right once and not having to do it again next year.  Finally it is time for the painting stage, which is pretty straightforward; however, one thing to keep in mind is the roller you use. You want to use a 25-35 mm roller to ensure an even result on a cement/mason surface.  The pile of the roller will allow you to get in to most of the cracks. These can be bought at any hardware or paint store in your area.

Or, maybe you’d rather spend your summer time off enjoying yourself?  If that’s the case, we’d be happy to do the work for you!  Call College Pro at 1-800-327-2468 for a free quote now!

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