My painters from my College Pro days were amazing. I was even sitting down to dinner the other day with some friends and we were reminiscing of all the fun and wacky things my painters did. It didn’t start that way though. I made some serious errors when it first came to hiring, errors that made my first month as a franchisee with College Pro way more chaotic than it needed to be.

At the training sessions that College Pro put on for us I was like a sponge. I had never sold before, never run a business before, I recognized I didn’t know anything and soaked it all in and basically just did exactly what my College Pro General Manager said to do. Until it came to hiring; I had painted for two summers prior to running a College Pro franchise and I thought I knew how to hire, what to look for, what expectations to set…basically I thought I knew better.

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When College Pro said ‘If you need 10 painters, hire 14’ I thought that I didn’t want to have to let people go because obviously all of my painters were going to be awesome and work out. When College Pro said ‘Don’t hire everybody you interview, interview a lot and then choose’ I thought that everybody I met was great because I did a good job of screening resumes. When College Pro said ‘Set expectations, here’s a sheet we recommend’ I thought that was obvious but I had my own expectation sheet. My ego seriously hurt me and my business.

The reality was that I interviewed 10 people, hired all 10 people and by the end of the third week I had 1 of those painters still around. They had either quit or gotten fired. So, in May when life was busy enough juggling everything, I now had to add re-hiring my entire team into the mix.

Thank goodness I’m a quick learner, because I went back to my notes from the College Pro training session on hiring and then just did exactly what we were taught. I interviewed a lot, networked a lot, set harder expectations and chose my painters. Those painters were amazing, absolutely they still gave me issues over that summer and the next, but they were one of the reasons we had such great customer satisfaction and one of the reasons why I loved running my College Pro franchise.


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